Merchant Processing Overview

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At the moment, we are not accepting new applications for US based businesses.   Please contact our office – 925 400 8077 – for more information. 


Required documentation for completed application, click here. 


EU Based CBD Processing Accounts

Please speak with us directly about high volume, EU based, processing accounts for CBD only transactions.  

TRANSPARENCY: Section 15 of the processor agreement clearly defines the processor transparency relationship. Paragraph 15.1 stipulates, transactions involving the sales of Marijuana (DEA Number 7360 & 7370 | INCB Yellow List – IDS Code: NC 001 and NC 008 or CAS No. 8063-14-7 and 6465-30-1 | INCB Green List – PT 002, PD 010) aka Cannabis, Marijuana, THC, CBD and products containing Marijuana/THC/CBD such as edibles and ointments including industry paraphernalia are accepted by the acquiring bank.